November 12, 2015

More and more doctors are taking on leadership roles in their practices and communities. Since 2011, the GPSC has been supporting these efforts by offering the Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP), through the Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. The focus of the program is helping doctors develop the skills required to have an impact as practice leaders.

More than 120 family doctors from across the province have graduated from the program, gaining a broader understanding of leadership, as well as learning about governance, strategy, engagement, innovation and change.  Five groups have completed the program which is extremely popular and always has an enrollment waitlist.

 “I had heard very good things from other past participants,” says Dr Connie Woo, a graduate of cohort five and Board Director with the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice. “I was very excited to learn and be a participant. This program was transformational.”

With its valuable insights and learnings, the LMDP is a customized 10-day program designed to complement and integrate existing GPSC activities and programs, like the Practice Support Program. It aims to align with doctors who are involved in, or aspiring to, leadership roles with their local division.

“I wanted to be able to have the tools to make change,” says Dr David May, a graduate of cohort five and Director with the Powell River Division of Family Practice. “We are working with some really smart people who can do some real good.”

As leadership and management responsibilities are increasing for many doctors, the program learnings have immediate application and provide long-term benefits. Doctors learn about managing resources, making decisions, solving problems, fostering relationships, and implementing clinical and systematic improvements. Doctors build common ground and language with one another, and, in time, throughout local divisions and other GPSC initiatives.

Graduating with renewed confidence, participants can use the real and practical leadership and management lessons to take action and inspire and facilitate change.
Dr May says he is excited to have the ability to make a difference within his division with his new learnings. And, likewise, Dr Woo is energized at the opportunity to influence change. “We can inspire change and that change is possible,” she remarks. “We can be a part of it.”

The executive learning experience is a key place for stakeholders from around the province to not only learn together, but to also build relationships, support each other, solve shared problems, and set the foundation for new innovative ideas to enhance primary care in BC.

“One of my greatest learnings from this program has been seeing the power that this group of people have in influencing system improvement,” shares Dr Woo.

With a richer understanding of how local decisions and transformations can have a positive, collective impact across the province, doctors are leading change that improves primary care.
The next cohort will run November 2015 to May 2016. Applications for Cohort 6 will be accepted from August 1 to September 6. Please click here for application details.