November 15, 2015

Between July and September 30, 2015, hundreds of GPs from across BC shared their ideas about the future of primary care as part of the GPSC’s visioning engagement process.

What’s next?  The GPSC’s Visioning Steering Committee (VSC) will compile, analyze and review the extensive comments and ideas you shared to prepare a report for the GPSC by November.  The report will be shared with BC family doctors on this visioning website and will help the GPSC create a GP vision for the future of primary care in BC.  It will also help the GPSC identify priorities to support GPs, influence policy, and allocate its $208 million budget.

All BC family doctors are invited to see what their colleagues had to say.  Visit the GPSC visioning site where you can:

  • Read the Thoughtexchange report that includes more than 5,000 thoughts shared by over 1,100 GPs during the online “share” and “star” steps of the visioning process.
  • Login or register here to explore posts and in-depth conversations about eight hot topics about primary care, including walk-in clinics, funding models, team-based care, the GPs’ role in hospital, and more.
  • Review summary reports that will be added in the coming weeks from the 26 face-to-face visioning events that were co-hosted with divisions of family practice across BC.

Consultations with family doctors are the foundation of the visioning process. The visioning engagement process provided all interested BC family physicians with multiple opportunities to have their say through online options and in-person events co-hosted with local divisions of family practice.

Please contact us with comments or questions about GPSC visioning.