May 11, 2017

Congratulations to GPSC co-chair Dr Shelley Ross for being recognized as a change maker for family medicine. 

As an Alumna of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, Dr Ross received the UBC Medical Alumni Association’s 2017 Honorary Medical Alumni Award, which recognizes faculty members who make significant contributions as committed clinicians, teachers, mentors, or administrators.

From delivering more than 300 babies to advocating on national platforms, Dr Ross influences change through her commitment to improving family medicine. 

After completing her residency at UBC, Dr Ross focused her 30-year career on family practice medicine with a significant emphasis on obstetrics. Dr Ross closed her practice in 2012 to take on more formal advocacy roles, serving as President of Doctors of BC for 2012-13 and providing continued support to BC family doctors in the following years through the GPSC, PSP, and Shared Care.

On top of her advocacy work, Dr Ross has a genuine passion for family medicine that drives her to continue serving patients through full-service family practice locums and obstetrics in maternity clinics and hospitals.