February 27, 2015

As the GPSC begins to plan for its priorities for the next three years and beyond, the GPSC wants to engage family doctors every step of the visioning process.

To begin the work, the GPSC is convening a visioning steering committee that will:

  1. Determine the process for completing the visioning work that will engage physicians in the dialogue to help shape the future of primary care and inform future priorities of GPSC.
  2. Ensure the physician voice is heard and understood in opportunities to influence health care system changes led by other partners or stakeholders
  3. Help ensure that changes in the health care landscape are appropriately considered when designing supports and enablers for primary care physicians in practice.

The steering committee will include six physicians, four GPSC members, one SGP representative, and one health authority representative.


To select the six physician positions on the steering committee, the selection team will use following:

1. Selection Criteria

Physicians shall be:

  • interested in discussing innovations in primary care
  • ready to bring forward the perspectives of the group they represent and also be prepared to make the best decisions for the collective
  • representative of BC’s geography, range of physician experience, and types of practice (urban, suburban, rural, remote)
  • willing to engage fully in the process; committing to participate regularly in all meetings.

2. Candidate Description

Please provide a short description of why you are putting this candidate forward for consideration. Ideas to consider are:

  • What makes this person uniquely suited for this steering committee?
  • Does this person participate in relevant committees or tables that provide them with a different perspective?

You are encouraged to provide as much detail and relevant information as you see fit. Please submit your list of names and short descriptions for nominated physicians to gpsc@doctorsofbc.ca and copy your PEL.


Selection team nominee submission (2 division physicians): March 23

March 23: Submission of physician names for the two Division seats on the selection team is March 23.

March 25: An online survey tool will be sent to each division lead/chair on March 25 to vote on the list of physician nominees for the selection team. Voting must be completed by March 30. (See Q&A for details.)

April 1 (am): The selection team will meet via conference call for 90 minutes to review the list of physicians nominated and select the six Division reps.

Steering committee nominee submission (6 physicians): March 30

March 30: The deadline for submitting names for consideration for the six Division seats on the steering committee is March 30. 

April 29: The steering committee will first convene for an in-person evening dinner meeting on April 29 to prepare for introductions at Roundtable on April 30.

April 30: The steering committee reps will be introduced at Roundtable; this day will be used to engage physicians in a discussion about potential topic areas to be addressed in the visioning process, and the best methods for engaging physicians province-wide.

Following the April 30 Roundtable, the steering committee will determine their meeting dates going forward. The commitment is expected to be 2-3 meetings per month (either half or full days) for six months.

Regarding the time away from practice to attend meetings in person, the GPSC commits to a videoconferencing option. We hope this will enable better interactivity for those participating remotely.  Wherever possible, we encourage in-person attendance because of the importance of relationships and full engagement in this innovative work.

For detailed information, please review our Visioning Q&As. For questions, please contact gpsc@doctorsofbc.ca.