May 17, 2016

In February, physicians and health care providers gathered for the first-ever Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) Showcase. The event was part of the annual BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Forum.

A number of local divisions of family practice showcased their work and shared stories with about 400 attendees.  Twenty-three representatives, including 14 physician members, from 11 local divisions were involved in the presentations, which included topics such as:

  • GPSC Visioning Engagement – The doctors have spoken: Dr Scott Markey (Chilliwack Division) and Dr Renee Fernandez (Vancouver Division)
  • Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use: Dr Melissa Oberholster and Erin Hemmens (Nanaimo Division) and Tracy St Claire (South Okanagan Similkameen Division)
  • Technology in Practice – Seamless communications for improved patient outcomes: Dr Kevin McKechnie and Mona Mattei (Kootenay Boundary Division)

For many participants, this was the first opportunity to learn about the wide range of activities underway through the various JCCs. Highlighted initiatives demonstrated the wide range of collaborating partners involved, including allied health professionals, health authority leadership, technology experts and others.

In total, 147 presenters highlighted their work throughout 28 one-hour breakout sessions - including 30 Rapid fire presentations, nine focused presentations, four Interactive sessions, and four learning sessions. There were also 22 storyboards, three plenary sessions, and a closing storyboard reception.

Evaluation data showed that participants found all session formats effective for presenting emerging ideas, showcasing success and effectively motivating them.

Comments from evaluations indicated that participants were almost unanimous in their view that the Showcase would influence some form of action or change in practice - and many stated that new partnerships and collaborations would be developed as a result.

To see some great stories and information that capture the day and the JCC’s work, please view the digital narrative.