November 19, 2015

A new, centralized toolkit has been developed to support divisions and other stakeholders in their physician recruitment and retention efforts.  Created by the Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee, the toolkit is part of the Committee’s work to help coordinate and align resources in a way that they can be more easily accessed by those who are recruiting physicians into their communities.  The toolkit is part of our work to help recruit and retain physicians in BC communities so that patients get quality care.  It is one of the items in the Committee’s 90-day action plan formulated after the March 2015 multi-stakeholder Recruitment and Retention Summit.

The toolkit includes easy-to-navigate sections on:

  • being prepared for local and regional recruitment activities,
  • assessing physician candidates for the best fit with recruiting practices and communities, and;
  • supporting new and existing physicians and their families to thrive and remain in their chosen community for the long term.

Practice profile templates, recruitment marketing samples, a full listing (with links) of organizations to support community recruitment efforts, and practice transition tools for retiring physicians are just some of the kinds of resources included.  Content is based on best and promising practices from divisions and other organizations and jurisdictions and builds on the work of and learnings from divisions’ A GP for Me recruitment and retention strategies. The toolkit will be updated regularly with new materials and approaches.