February 03, 2016

Supporting family physicians in providing maternity care services to women in their communities has been a GP Services Committee (GPSC) priority since the committee’s inception. Over the years, the GPSC has supported family physicians in providing this vital service through its funding of the GP obstetric delivery incentive fees, the maternity care network fee, and the Maternity Care for BC program which makes training available to GPs wanting to update their maternity skills.

On behalf of the GPSC, we are writing to inform you that we are aware of the recent CMPA rate increase for GP providing maternity care services and the financial pressures it will place on your practice. Please be advised that physician provision of maternity care services continues to be important to the GPSC, and discussion on how it can potentially assist in lessening the impact of the CMPA rate increase is included in our strategic planning activities that are currently underway.

In closing, we thank you for your continued provision of maternity care services to the women in your community, and will keep you apprised of the GPSC’s deliberations as we conclude our strategic planning for this fiscal year.

Dr Shelley Ross, GPSC Co-chair, Doctors of BC 
Wendy Hansson, GPSC Co-chair, Ministry of Health