September 29, 2017

Clinics using Microsoft Windows 10 may be experiencing an impact on their network performance due to the latest update, Windows Creators. Doctors Technology Office has advice to help minimize the impact.

These updates can begin any time, and may be particularly noticeable in the mornings. They can cause significant impact to daily workflow can take more than two hours to download and install. During the downloading and installation, the computer will be busy with background processes that may slow down other programs, the network speed, workflow, and potentially other computers.

Clinics using Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise versions can delay the upgrade. For all other versions, consider reducing the impact of this latest update during business hours by: 

  • Leaving computers on overnight  by turning off the hibernation or sleep features 
    • Off load required updates to non-business hours as much as possible.
      • Software applications such as Java, Acrobat, and Anti-virus can also update during non-business hours.
  • Updating laptops at home before connecting them into the clinic’s network. 
  • Manually updating (Note: This will only work for licensed Windows 10 computers, not older versions.)
    • Plan at minimum an hour depending on the available Internet bandwidth and the speed of the computer.

Contact your local IT provider for support, or click here for details in a technical bulletin by the Doctors Technology Office.