March 14, 2019

Optimized EMR data enables doctors to identify and respond to patients’ chronic and preventative care needs, and is foundational in the transition to the patient medical home (PMH) and the creation of primary care networks (PCN).

The Practice Support Program (PSP) is supporting GPs around the province to undertake the phases of panel management by providing access to resources and in-practice coaching, and the GPSC now provides the panel development incentive.

As of February 2019, more than 850 GPs are involved in the phases of panel management, and about 800 are receiving in-practice panel management support from PSP. However, many doctors may still be wondering how panel management works and how it can benefit their practices and their patients.

In a new video from the GPSC, Dr Bruce Hobson describes his own personal journey in using panel management to maximize his time and ability to provide proactive patient care.