November 19, 2018

Doctors can learn how to use EMR data and build sustainable workflow processes to enable the proactive management of their patient panels by working through the new GPSC Panel Management Workbook and Manual.

Certified by the College of Family Physicians for up to 75 MainPro+ credits, the digital workbook is a step-by-step guide that helps doctors make the most of their time by better managing their panels. This can help doctors and their practice teams to quickly access clear panel information, improve approaches to care, and identify team-based supports, members to best serve patient’s unique care needs. Once completed, the workbook can serve as a clinic manual for current and future team members.

Doctors can also submit a copy of their completed workbook to receive the GPSC’s Panel Development Incentive. Valued at $6,000, this incentive compensates eligible physicians for of their upfront time and effort to understand and use their EMR data.

Learn more about the workbook, the incentive, and other GPSC supports for panel management.