October 03, 2018

As part of their move towards patient medical homes, doctors are making improvements to their practices to better provide data-informed care.

One of the ways doctors can make improvements is to optimize their EMRs. This can help doctors and their practice teams:

  • Identify under-utilized functions within the EMR, and increase meaningful use levels;
  • Perform panel management activities, such as clean-up disease registries, and implement proactive care activities;
  • Effectively manage practices through improved office efficiencies and scheduling routines.

Doctors can now participate in the Practice Support Program’s new EMR Small Group Learning Sessions to learn how to get the most from their EMRs.

In these group sessions, physicians and MOAs who use the same EMR can support each other by focusing on EMR workflow, functionality, and quality improvement.

These EMR sessions are developed based on local needs and gaps as identified by local divisions, and PSP’s Regional Support Teams and peer mentors. EMR vendors are also engaged as needed. EMR Small Group Learning Sessions are an adaptation of Physician Information Technology Office User Groups.

Following group sessions, participants can also receive in-practice support from RSTs to help make practice improvements.

Learn more or participate in an EMR Small Group Learning Sessions by contacting your PSP Regional Support Team: Fraser HealthInterior HealthNorthern HealthVancouver CoastalVancouver Island Health.