January 29, 2017

Two new patient medical home resources are available to distribute to division members and partners:

  • Postcard: Illustrates how the collaborative efforts of doctors and divisions laid the foundation for the PMH through local initiatives, A GP for Me, divisions of family practice, and PSP. Download the postcard or request pre-printed postcards from gpsc@doctorsofbc.ca.
  • PMH key information: Contains clear information about the patient medical home model, including its value to patients and family doctors and its impact on how doctors deliver care. 

Some divisions are planning to put these materials in doctors’ mailboxes at their local hospitals, hand them out at events, or share with stakeholders at CSCs and other meetings.

Other resources available include: the GPSC’s vision and goals, frequently asked questions, and communications resources such as an overview presentation and PowerPoint slides. PMH zap banners are also available for divisions to borrow for their local events. For more details contact the GPSC.