September 19, 2017

This year, more than 160 doctors across BC have met to learn about quality improvement principles that help them find better ways to care for their patients.

“Using strategies borrowed from business and industry, [doctors] are learning to identify specific practice goals, design innovative tests of change, measure and evaluate the changes, and incrementally improve their daily practice,” says Dr Davidicus Wong, a Burnaby-based family physician, in his article about how business strategies can improve health care.

Dr Wong has been teaching this approach to his peers and practice teams in PSP’s small group learning sessions.  

These short and interactive sessions bring together physicians, MOAs, and allied health professionals to identify challenges and discuss practical solutions that can support small changes to day-to-day workflows.  Topics include dementia, practice improvements and team-based care.

“Before considering potential areas for change, we identify problems – the barriers that are preventing you – our patients – from enjoying the best health outcomes,” says Dr Wong.

To participate in an upcoming small group learning session in your area, contact your PSP Regional Support Team Coordinator.