November 14, 2013

An article on the Practice Support Program (PSP) Adult Mental Health (AMH) module was published in the summer edition of The Permanente Journal (, a Kaiser Permanente publication that advances knowledge in scientific research, clinical medicine, and innovative health care delivery. 

Entitled “Mental health practice and attitudes can be changed,” the article describes the objectives, methods, and results of the AMH module, which is designed to enable family physicians to identify, diagnose, and treat certain types and levels of adult mental health conditions within the confines of their practices and schedule.

The evaluated results show that the module training is positively impacting the way physicians practice as well as changing stigmatizing attitudes toward patients with mental health conditions.

Authors include Dr Rivian Weinerman, chair of the AMH module advisory committee; Dr Dan MacCarthy; Liza Kallstrom; Helena Kadlec, Marcus Hollander; and Dr Scott Patten.