August 30, 2017

Chris Pasin, pharmacist/owner of several RemedyRX pharmacies in the South Okanagan, has been awarded the BC Pharmacy Association's Ben Gant Innovative Practice Award for his work in developing chronic pain medication information sessions.

Chris served as the pharmacist representative for PSP’s pain management module in the South Okanagan, offering expertise and education on the optimal use of chronic pain medications. A pharmacist for 26 years, Chris also volunteers in the community, developing care strategies for groups who interact with patients who have pain management and opioid use issues, including physiotherapists, mental health workers, and the RCMP. 

As his role with PSP comes to an end, Chris is now partnering with a local physician in Oliver, Dr Peter Entwistle, to provide in-clinic medication consultations and reviews, offering patients a collaborative team-based approach to ensuring they understand their medications and are using them safely.

The GPSC congratulates Chris on being recognized for his work with PSP.