July 09, 2018

The GPSC is developing a new Panel Development Incentive to compensate doctors for the time and effort required to improve the accuracy and quality of patient data. This incentive will enhance supports for panel management, which include in-practice coaching and EMR-based panel management tools.

In addition to the new incentive, the GPSC is working to further improve supports for doctors interested in panel management. This includes increasing access to in-practice coaching, improving the quality of EMR-based panel management tools, and expanding the availability of these tools to additional EMR vendors. These supports will help doctors undertake a newly developed phased approach to panel management.

Coming soon: Panel Development Incentive


about the phases of
panel management.

The Panel Development Incentive payment will pay family doctors for completing the phases of panel management: 1) empanelment, 2) initial panel clean-up, and 3) panel optimization.

To be eligible for the incentive, family doctors must be using an EMR system to manage patient information and have completed the GPSC PMH Assessment in the 12 months before applying for the incentive.

Valued at $6,000, the Panel Development Incentive consists of three payments:

  • Payment 1 ($2,000) can be claimed after an eligible family doctor commits to completing the three phases of panel management within 12 months from claiming the incentive.
  • Payment 2 ($1,000) can be claimed after completion of phases one and two of panel management. Completion of phase one and two will be validated by a standardized provincial reporting mechanism. 
  • Payment 3 ($3,000) can be claimed after completion of phase three of panel management. Completion of phase three will be validated by a standardized provincial reporting mechanism.

Doctors can claim the Panel Development Incentive only once. Doctors who have undertaking panel management with Practice Support Program (PSP) support are eligible to receive the incentive, less any sessional payments already claimed for this work through the PSP and provided that the incentive requirements have been met.

This Panel Development Incentive is in the final stages of development and is anticipated to be available to family doctors in September 2018. More details on how doctors can access the incentive will be available in September 2018.

Supports currently available

Interested doctors and practice teams can get started on or continue improving the accuracy and quality of patient data. The following in-practice supports are available:

  • Coaching and assistance by staff trained in panel management
    Hear directly from some of BC’s doctors who have received in-practice coaching support. 
  • EMR-based panel management tools
    Read more about how doctors have improved the quality of patient data using these tools.

To learn about how to access these in-practice supports, doctors can contact their PSP Regional Support Team: Fraser Health, Interior Health, Northern Health, Vancouver Coastal, Vancouver Island Health.