Dr Ashnoor Nagji, a member of Vancouver Division,  thought it was time to enhance her existing leadership and management skills—she was about to step up and take on broader responsibilities within the organization’s Board after working on the maternity committee for many years.

To take her skills to the next level, Dr Nagji participated in the GPSC’s Leadership and Management Development Program. She graduated in May 2017, part of the seventh cohort of grads since the program’s inception in 2011.

The course turned out to be the perfect fit:  “My role on the Board coincided with the beginning of this course, so I approached the curriculum with an open mind,” says Dr Nagji. “As I became more familiar with the work of the Board, serendipitously, I soon learned that our work on the Maternity committee's integration project was complemented well by what was being taught in the [LMDP] classroom setting.”

Dr Nagji is just one of the grads who are sharing the skills and perspectives they’ve gained by completing the curriculum.  She says the program’s non-medical approach to teaching management and leadership allowed her to look at division projects and strategies through a business lens. She feels her division work benefits from her newfound ability to integrate tools and approaches that have been effective in other arenas of work.

“Having health care issues contextualized within the realm of the profit/business world enables me to bring sound methodology to some of the key projects we have been working on at the Division,” says Dr Nagji. “This has led to our work being validated by other partners, and ensures that our projects are regarded as sound, robust, and strategically guided.”

Virtually all division work is built on a sound foundation of collaborative relationships, using leadership strategies that incorporate needs and perspectives of multiple partners and stakeholders. Dr Nagji found many opportunities through the program to network with peers and problem solve through relationship building.

“The program reminded us that relationship building is a vital component of any solution. Indeed, the networking and sharing of various perspectives, problems and potential solutions has been a treat I have appreciated and greatly enjoyed.”

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