Doctors Technology Office (DTO)

Funded by the GPSC, the DTO provides centralized support to both general practitioners and specialists, and other Doctors of BC partner programs, to address the needs of the physician community for:

  • Coordination and enhancement of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functionality and interoperability
  • Technology solutions and support for complex IT technical issues
  • Centralized data management and reporting needs

DTO’s primary functions are:

  • Advocacy for physician needs with respect to Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT)
  • Timely resolution of clinic issues that impede proper EMR /network operations
  • Strong positive relationships with stakeholders and partner agencies
  • Increased ability for physicians to achieve interoperability by being able to capture, transfer and share information within and across systems
  • Improved alignment, standardization and use of electronic forms, templates and requisitions across the province
  • Stronger alignment and collaboration between EMR Vendors, organizations and others involved in eHealth in BC
  • Increased use of metrics for monitoring and reporting for JCC Programs (e.g. PSP and Divisions)

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Funded by the GPSC, Pathways is an online resource that provides family doctors and their office staff quick access to current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise of specialists and specialty clinics. Pathways also provides access to hundreds of patient and physician resources and searchable community service and allied health information.

Originally developed by the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, Pathways is available to 34 of 35 divisions of family practice, representing approximately 95% of family physicians. Click here for a list of divisions that use Pathways.

In 2019, Pathways will expand the rollout of community services - which simplifies the process of searching for a community organization to clinics and allied support staff in primary care networks.

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Health Data Coalition (HDC)

The HDC aims to turn clinical data into useable information and to view trends. Funded by the GPSC, the HDC is a physician-led data sharing initiative that brings together the work of AMCARE and the Physician Data Collaborative. The HDC incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2016.

Physicians can have access to this data through a secure, simple to use program that maintains patient and provider confidentiality.

The HDC’s EMR IT platform aggregates data from different EMRs. The information is used to support reflective practice and facilitates system changes using coaching support and small learning groups. The HDC’s technical platform contributes to achieving the triple aim by providing primary care data for:

  • Individual physicians curious about their practice profile
  • Small groups doing peer led learning on topics such as antibiotic stewardship and polypharmacy
  • Doctors participating in GPSC programs, including Divisions of Family Practice and Practice Support Program
  • MOH health system planning and population metrics

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