The fee codes for the A GP for Me Initiative, also known as the Attachment initiative, are available to all family doctors who submit the MSP fee G14070 ‘GP Attachment Participation Code’, a zero-sum amount, at the beginning of each calendar year. This will in turn open the door to the new Attachment initiative suite of fees.  Billing the zero sum fee code signifies that:

  • You are providing full-service family practice services to your patients, and will continue to do so for the duration of that calendar year.
  • You are confirming your doctor-patient relationship with your existing patients through a standardized conversation or ‘compact’.
  • You have contacted your local division of family practice to share your contact information and to indicate your desire to participate in the community-level Attachment initiative as you are able.  

Prior to submitting the initial GP Attachment Participation Code, each participating Family Physician must register their intent to participate in A GP for Me with their local division, even if he/she is not a member of that division. This will assist the local division to understand how many doctors in their area are prepared to support Attachment initiative efforts.