Incentive Program News

December 10, 2019

Community-based family physicians who work under fee-for-service and who care for a panel of patients will soon receive a new annual payment to recognize their important role in providing longitudinal care that evidence shows results in better health outcomes for... read more

December 09, 2019

The GPSC is updating the Panel Development Incentive (PDI) to better clarify its eligibility requirements.

To better support community longitudinal family practice, updates include:

Requirement for family doctor to assume the role of Most... read more
November 06, 2019

The GPSC is offering a billing education webinar focused on both MSP fees and GPSC incentives that support doctors to work in team-based care environments.

All family doctors are invited to the 90-minute webinar on:

Tuesday, Nov... read more

August 09, 2019

Update: January 21, 2020Eligible family doctors who provide maternity care and in-hospital care received retroactive payments on their January 15, 2020 remittance statement for the rate increases introduced by the GPSC last year. Retroactive payments are identified by... read more

August 08, 2019

Family doctors are invited to join a four-part webinar series about billing GPSC fees to:

Increase confidence when billing GPSC incentives. Better support appropriate billing. Improve understanding about fee rules. Not miss billing for additional services.

Based... read more

January 10, 2019