Patient Medical Home (PMH)

A PMH is a family practice defined as the place patients feel most comfortable to discuss their personal and health concerns. The Most Responsible Provider – usually the family doctor but sometimes the nurse practitioner– works collaboratively with a team of health professionals, either within or linked with the practice, to deliver longitudinal, comprehensive and co-ordinated care of patients. When linked together, patient medical homes form primary care networks.

The service attributes of a patient medical home are based on the framework and pillars created by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). Based on CFPC definitions, the 12 attributes of a patient medical home in BC support the overall goal of patient-centred, whole person care. To acknowledge the central role that networks of family physicians/patient medical homes will play through divisions and in their partnership with health authorities, the GPSC has added two attributes of a patient medical home: FP Networks Supporting Communities and FP Networks Supporting Practice.

The following illustration shows the framing of a patient medical home in BC.