Group Medical Visits Tools & Resources

Group Medical Visits (Video)

Introducing group medical visits to a clinical practice is an effective way of supporting patients to manage their chronic conditions by providing information, advice, and hands-on care within a group setting.  

This video shows how Dr Frank Egan in Victoria uses group visits to empower patients with challenging chronic conditions.

Supporting Patient Self-Management (Video)

Supporting Patient Self-Management demonstrates the "Three Questions" technique that physicians can use to help patients create an action plan to support self-management of their chronic condition(s). The video promotes and encourages patient self-management through Group Medical Visits (GMV), where patients openly discuss the self-management process, ask questions related to their chronic conditions, and get support from their peers.

Revitalizing Family Practice (Video)

Self-Management support is a two-way communication process that encourages interaction between the patient and members of the health care team. It is designed to help patients learn how to adopt healthy behaviors, problem solve, and eventually improve their self-care.

The overall goal of self-management support is to increase the patients' self-confidence in their ability to change their own behaviors.

MOAs on the Move (Video)

This video illustrates the evolving role of Medical Office Assistants (MOAs).

In today’s changing health care environment, the role of MOAs is more important than ever. Practice improvements are necessary to accommodate an aging population and the associated increase in chronic disease management. MOAs can help initiate and implement both administrative and clinical practice improvements.

Personal Health File (Video)

This video demonstrates how patient self-management programs can benefit from the use of personal health files and explores how the use of these patient-maintained print versions of an electronic medical record can inspire patients to take charge of looking after their own health.

Antidepressant Skills Workbook--Dr Ron Remick (Video)

Psychiatrist, Dre Ron Remick discusses the use of the Antidepressant Skills Workbook for patients with mild to moderate depressive disorders.

Medical Assistants: Addressing Language & Culture in Health Care Practices

Mimimally Disruptive Medicine

Dr. Victor Montori spoke to the 2009 Transform symposium sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation on the reasons why many patients don't comply with treatment prescriptions.

Health Literacy

In Collaboration with BC College of Family Physicians, Ministry of Health and Vancouver Coastal Health we have developed a 6 minute YouTube video to provide education and tool to family physicians around the topic of Health Literacy. 

Coaching Patients for Successful Self-Management

This clip is a preview of a 14-minute video discussing how to both develop an action plan to support healthy behavior change and ensure patients are taking their medications appropriately.

Videos Shown at PSM Skill Building Session - Nov 23 2011