June 10, 2019

The GPSC has made the following changes to its Panel Management Workbook and Panel Development Incentive claim forms that are effective June 10, 2019:

The Workbook is switching from PDF to an online web-based format. Incentive claim forms two and three are... read more
May 30, 2019

To give BC doctors a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts of patient medical homes (PMHs) and primary care networks (PCNs), the GPSC has created two videos that feature Dr Fiona Duncan discussing the key aspects of patient medical homes and primary care... read more

May 23, 2019

With a busy office schedule providing full service medical care to their patients in the suburban community of Fort Langley and at Langley Memorial Hospital, a group of seven physicians have all either completed, or are close to completing, PSP's panel management process... read more

May 10, 2019

Across BC, more and more family practices are making the move towards team-based care. Not only does having a group of medical professionals working collaboratively from the same office help doctors optimize their time, a team approach improves patient care by giving... read more

May 08, 2019

Watch the 90-second video below about how an Abbotsford family doctor and his MOA are using their data for proactive care and practice improvements, including:

flagging more patients who need chronic disease management. keeping medications up to date. catching... read more
March 20, 2018