May 18, 2021

CareConnect is a secure, view-only electronic health record that provides key patient information to health care providers in support of their delivery of patient care. It enables health care providers to see a patient’s medical history, acute care records, medications, lab work, and imaging reports all in one place.

What are CareConnect’s benefits?

    • Real-time access to patient immunization records, including COVID-19 vaccines.
    • Reduced time calling for test results.
    • Better and safer patient care.
    • Reduced duplicate diagnostic testing.
    • Improved flow of information across the care continuum.

How do I enrol?

Enrolment is currently open for family doctors across BC. The CareConnect enrolment process is easy and will take less than an hour*. To get started, fill out the CareConnect Worksite Intake Form. Once it’s submitted, the CareConnect team will reach out to you with details on the next steps.

Offering CareConnect to community providers will greatly improve the sharing patient information across the continuum of care, ultimately advancing quality of care for patients. There is no direct cost to clinics or physicians for CareConnect.

*Estimated enrolment time for CareConnect access only. Additional time may be required to enable rapid access depending on electronic medical records (EMR) and/or if Pharmanet access is requested.   

How do I access CareConnect?

CareConnect is available both through a regular internet connection and over the private physician network (secure TELUS network). 

Depending on your clinic’s EMR, rapid access to CareConnect may be available to you. This feature enables you to quickly go from a patient's EMR to seeing their information in CareConnect within 20 seconds. Click here to see if this feature is available for your clinic.