September 18, 2019

Doctors and divisions are invited to participate the next webinar in the GPSC’s series about data tools that can support physicians in their practices, and the development of patient medical homes and primary care networks on:

October 23, 2019 at 8am (Register)

This webinar will feature the Health Data Coalition (HDC), a physician-led organization, funded by GPSC, that supports and enables data analysis and sharing for primary care physicians to engage in individual reflective practice and quality improvement as well as collaborative quality improvement with trusted colleagues.

Currently in use by primary care physicians across BC, the HDC Discover software provides secure access to aggregated clinical data while maintaining both patient and physician confidentiality. The software can assist physicians in assessing their own practice in areas such as chronic disease management or medication prescribing. The 90-minute webinar will demonstrate how the HDC Discover software can help physicians:

• Better understand their patient population and patterns of practice.
• Explore data-informed learning based on physician interests in a safe, secure environment that maintains confidentiality.
• Share and track progress with colleagues.
• Inform valuable discussions with a practice coaching team in partnership with the Practice Support Program (PSP), as well as the peer mentoring program.
• Implement practice improvements and provide data-informed care to patients.
• Track improvements in patient care over time with HDC’s automatic data transfer and reporting features.
• Use collective HDC data to support PMH/PCN planning and decision-making.

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Click here for more information about HDC and its Discover software.