September 20, 2021

The GPSC has appointed members to a new task group that will direct the implementation of recommendations in the GSPC Long-Term Care Initiative (LTCI) Service Review Report (summary report).  The report, released in April, reported significant improvement in the care of BC’s seniors in long-term care through this initiative, including  an increase in attachment of patients to family doctors and fewer transfers to ERs.

The group will lead the next phase of the work that will include exploring how team-based care, patient medical homes and primary care networks can be integrated into long-term care, supporting ongoing quality improvement reviews, providing further clarity about funding parameters and best practice expectations, and collaborating with First Nations partners. 

LTCI Task Group members

The task group members are:

  • Dr. Mitchell Fagan, Co-chair, GPSC-Doctors of BC
  • Dr Yasmin Jetha, Co-chair, GPSC-Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Trevor Janz, family physician and medical director, Nelson
  • Dr. Ian Schokking, family physician, Prince George
  • Dr. Dara Donnelly, family physician, Chilliwack
  • Dr. Katharine McKeen, family physician and medical director, Victoria
  • Dr. Farah Ramji, family physician and medical manager, Vancouver
  • Dr. Kate McCarroll, family physician and medical director, Revelstoke
  • Claudia Frowein, Executive Director, North Shore Division of Family Practice
  • Kristan Ash, Executive Director, Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice
  • Bryan Say, Nurse Practitioner, Nanaimo
  • Jo-Ann Tait, Regional Director for Long-term Care, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Aaron Bond, Executive Lead Elder Program, Northern Health
  • Lisa Dawson, family member and caregiver, Vancouver
  • Jan Betts, family member and caregiver, Penticton

Selection process

The process of reviewing candidates reflected the GPSC’s commitment to diverse representation, with the goal of bringing together people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Members include physicians, a nurse practitioner, administrative and community leaders, and patients/family members.   

Family physicians and representatives from divisions of family practice were invited to submit an expression of interest when the report was released. Criteria for member selection included stage of career, geographic location, ethnic and gender diversity, and involvement in community practices and/or long-term care facilities. Health authority representatives were appointed by the Ministry of Health. The nurse practitioner was nominated by Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC. Family members and caregivers were recruited through the Patient Voices Network. First Nations Health Authority were invited to participate but had to decline based on capacity of their staff. Final membership and co-chair positions were approved by the GPSC co-chairs.

The LTCI task group is supported by a long-term care advisory group. The advisory group is composed of long-term care providers, administrators, and other subject matter experts. The advisory group will be engaged for focused stakeholder consultation and the development of specific recommendations.

The task group will have a term of 12 months and the GPSC will review the work at the end of the term to determine if the group requires additional time to complete the work.

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