August 23, 2019

PSP understands family doctors and team members invest significant time in ensuring that practices run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Family practice teams are expanding, and family physicians and other team members are increasingly focused on quality improvement (QI) activities. In recognition of this, PSP has updated how it compensates family physicians and team members for these activities.*

Changes to PSP’s compensation policy are based on feedback from family physicians and are effective June 15, 2019

The updated policy provides flexibility and acknowledges the time invested by practice team members on QI activities that help build practice capacity .

Each eligible** practice team member can receive compensation for up to 15 hours of work for participating in an identified QI activity.

PSP Regional Support Teams (RST) and physician peer mentors can guide practices through a facilitation cycle that supports them in undertaking QI activities compensated under the policy. The facilitation cycle can help practices explore QI activities such as:

  • Maximize efficiencies by identifying changes in practice workflow.
  • Develop proactive patient recalls for common tests.
  • Use data, including patient experience data, to inform practice improvements.

Doctors can now submit one form to claim a sessional payment for the hours spent on QI activities. PSP team members will support doctors and practice teams to track their time throughout the process.

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* Excludes Phases of Panel Management and EMR SGLS focused on the phases, which are compensated with the GPSC Panel Development Incentive
** Excludes team members who are employed or compensated by a health authority