August 09, 2022

Practice support coaches for the GPSC Practice Support Program (PSP) are onboarding into their roles at Doctors of BC throughout July, August, and September. It’s a key step in bringing together all PSP staff onto one team and transitioning service delivery from the health authorities into Doctors of BC. The committee announced in fall 2021 that  GPSC-funded practice support staff from the health authorities would move to Doctors of BC, following extensive consultation with physicians, Divisions of Family Practice staff, and other key stakeholders.

As part of PSP’s evolved service model, physicians will have access to practice support expertise from across the PSP provincial team, which will link more closely with Doctors of BC’s primary care transformation partners and engagements partners. Additionally, there are new coach roles with specialized skills in team based care, health technology, and panel management plus the overall focus on supporting quality improvement in practice. Coaches across the team will be assigned to support physicians and practice teams according to the practice’s needs.

As part of the ongoing activities to realize the benefits of centralizing PSP and continuing to improve services to physicians, PSP program leadership will join the Divisions Knowledge Sharing meeting on Wednesday, September 7th from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. At the meeting, PSP leaders will share updates and next steps on the program's evolution, based on what was heard from divisions and family physicians, and will seek additional input from division physician leads and executive directors on ways of realizing the benefits of the new service delivery model together. This meeting will be the first of many conversations where the PSP team and division leadership will partner in further shaping the PSP service model. Division physician leads and executive directors have been sent a calendar invitation for this meeting, and an updated agenda will be circultated to participants two weeks in advance.

If divisions or physicians would like to speak about the program or access PSP support, please reach out to one of the PSP regional managers: