December 18, 2020

To support interprofessional care during COVID-19, until further notice, doctors can submit 14029 for chronic disease management visits provided via telehealth by an allied care provider. The change is effective June 1, 2020 and doctors may bill 14029 retroactively. Additionally, new clarifications are now available on the appropriate use of fee codes 14076 and 13706 (the family physician-patient telephone management fee and the family physician delegated patient telehealth management fee, respectively). Please see below for details on these fee code updates.

1. Billing changes to 14029 allow for telehealth visits

Until further notice, fee code 14029, chronic disease management by an allied care provider, can now be billed for telehealth visits. 14029 may be billed as one of the visits required for the billing of chronic disease management fee codes, read more here.

This change is effective as of June 1, 2020 and physicians may bill retroactively to this date. If you are billing for a visit more than 90 days prior to your submission, please submit such claims with submission code ‘A’.

2. Clarifying the use of 14076 and 13706

GPSC heard from you that further clarity is needed on the appropriate use of 14076 and 13706. Family physicians who meet the requirements of 14076 should continue to bill 14076, family physician-patient telephone management fee. Alternatively, this fee may be billed when the visit is delegated to a College-certified allied care provider employed by the physician practice. 14076 has a limit of 1500 payable visits per calendar year.

13706, family physician delegated patient telehealth management fee, was introduced as a temporary fee code in March 2020 and is intended to be billed by family physicians who do not meet the requirements of 14076 or have exceeded the annual billing limit of 14076.

Unlike 14076, 13706 cannot be billed in the following situations:

  • 13706 cannot be billed as one of the two required visits for 14050-53, chronic disease management fees. Physicians who have had their 14050-53 billings rejected as a result may resubmit visit as 14076.
  • 13706 cannot be billed on the same day as 14077, 14018, 14050-53, 13005 by the same physician for the same patient. Physicians who have had their visit rejected as a result should resubmit visit as 14076.

For a summary of temporary fee code changes for family physicians, please see the BC Family Doctors website. If you have any questions, please contact