June 10, 2019

The GPSC has made the following changes to its Panel Management Workbook and Panel Development Incentive claim forms that are effective June 10, 2019:

  • The Workbook is switching from PDF to an online web-based format.
  • Incentive claim forms two and three are embedded into the online Workbook.

These changes will:

  • Reduce technical issues with using the Workbook.
    • Doctors do not have to download and save a document before using it.
    • Doctors can save their progress and return to where they left off at another time.
  • Streamline processes for claiming Incentive payments.
    • Payment claim form one continues to be available on the GPSC website. Doctors will receive a unique URL to their Workbook after they submit payment claim form one and the claim form is processed by GPSC.
    • Incentive claims forms two and three are built into the online Workbook; doctors do not need to submit separate claim forms.

Starting on June 10, the PDF version of the Panel Management Workbook is no longer be available.

Doctors who submit Incentive claim form one on or after June 10 will only have access to the online Workbook.

Doctors who submitted claim form one before June 10 and have not started their Workbook are encouraged to contact panel.incentive@doctorsofbc.ca to get a link to their online Workbook.

Doctors who are already using the PDF version of the Workbook can continue to complete it and access Incentive claim forms two and three on the GPSC website, here.

For questions or more information about the Workbook or Incentive, contact panel.incentive@doctorsofbc.ca.