December 08, 2021

The physician representatives of the GPSC are working doctors. Like our members, they understand the day-to-day challenges and contributions within the medical profession. Here, the GPSC physician members describe their reasons for joining the collaborative committee dedicated to family practice.

Dr Anthon Meyer is a family doctor in Fort St. James and
GPSC Co-Chair.

I am aware of the struggles and daily challenges that add to the burden of family physicians. Like you, I face them too. I see the role of GPSC Co-Chair as an opportunity to address these challenges, and create agency for family physicians as experts in primary care to be valued at all levels in providing longitudinal relationship-based care to patients.

One day, when I look back at my work, I hope that I will have played a role in contributing to the success of comprehensive longitudinal family practice in BC.

Dr Sari Cooper is a family doctor in Victoria.

I applied to be a member of the GPSC to help shape system change and improve primary care at the provincial level. I’m your regular day-to-day family doctor in the trenches, and I’m using that perspective to inform the decisions and initiatives that GPSC undertakes. I believe wholeheartedly in family medicine. I believe it is, or at least it should be, the best specialty there is.

Dr Jaron Easterbrook is a family doctor in Sidney.

I’ve come to realize over the years that I have a skill set when it comes to systems change and connecting people across different organizations. That’s what I see in what I can bring as a family doctor to the GPSC, that connection between disparate groups to work in a way that moves us “out of the box.” My goals on the GPSC are to reduce the non-clinical burdens of family practice, share resources across the province, and improve communications from GPSC to its members.

Dr Mitchell Fagan is a family doctor in Langley.

I believe in the value of the relationship between the patient, their family, and their primary care provider. Throughout my career, I have seen that episodic and planned preventative care are best delivered to patients in a patient medical home. As a member of the GPSC, I enjoy contributing to the health and wellness of the communities around BC with initiatives and programs that support team-based care and patient medical homes.

Dr Lee Mackay is a family doctor in Nelson.

I became a family doctor representative on the GPSC to provide a rural and early career voice to the primary care transformation happening in BC. I'm passionate about full spectrum longitudinal family medicine and ensuring appropriate compensation for the broad requirements of my specialty. Advocating for family physicians to have support in addressing social determinants of health and chronic diseases through team-based care is a goal of mine.

Dr Tracy Monk, family doctor in Burnaby and Coquitlam.

I joined the GPSC because I am passionate about relationship-based care and the importance of primary care as the foundation to sustainable health systems and improved population health. Strong primary care is not only better for health systems, it also makes for happier providers and healthier patients. The GPSC is an exciting collaborative committee where physicians can work together with policy makers to improve primary care in BC. I am excited to have this opportunity.