September 24, 2018

Work is underway to increase team-based supports for patients across the province. Adding teams of health professionals helps family doctors’ practices operate at an ideal level as a patient medical home. Team-based care is also central to primary care networks – a clinical network of providers in the community who work together to support patients.

When family doctors work with other health professionals such as nurses and social workers in their practice or community, it increases clinical supports available for patients. Everyone works to their strengths and supports each other. GPs can focus more of their time on difficult diagnoses and strengthening patient relationships. Teams can also increase the efficiency of a practice, which maximizes time and capacity.

Team-based care insights and experiences:

  • Background: Benefits of team-based care
  • Stories: Read about what GP colleagues are doing

Some doctors who are considering ways to integrate other health professionals in their practices have asked for information about liability regarding working in teams. The GPSC has developed a summary sheet that outlines practical steps for managing liability risks in team-based care settings. According to the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), the medico-legal system that currently protects the interests of patients and individual providers can also protect team-based care practices.

Please note the summary sheet provides general information and is not meant to be used as legal advice for specific legal situations. For medical legal advice and assistance, please contact the CMPA and/or a lawyer.