Practice Support

Dr Katayoon Kiani was new to clinical practice when she decided to take part in the Practice Support Program's patient panel assessment process. She considers herself to be very computer literate,... read more
Dr Jonathan Kerr is a self-described quality improvement “nerd,” who has always seen the value in using EMR data to improve patient care. When he took over his practice from a retiring doctor a few... read more
Dr Bill Cavers knows a thing or two about EMRs. During his eight years as co-chair of the GPSC he also served on the Physician Information Technology Office (PITO) Steering Committee, selecting EMR... read more
Dr Andre Van Wyk, family doctor | Langley, BC Before I adopted PSP's adult mental health module, I used more of a “reach for the prescription pad” type of approach. You basically diagnosed—put a... read more
Dr Frank Egan, family doctor | Victoria, BC  I was part of the Practice Support Program (PSP) to deliver this module. We got a lot of positive feedback from doctors who said it changed the way... read more