June 15, 2016

Dr Shelley Ross has been recognized as an outstanding physician contributor in BC by Doctors of BC.

The Dr Cam Coady Award commemorates Dr Coady’s great love of medicine and ensures that his goals and objectives to achieve excellence in health care continue to be fostered.

Awarded the medal of excellence for her accomplishments in improving health care in BC, Dr Ross’ hard work and dedication have strengthened primary care across the province.

For 30 years, Dr Ross focused her career on family practice medicine with a significant emphasis in obstetrics – delivering close to 300 babies every year. In 2012, Dr Ross closed her practice to step into the role of President of Doctors of BC. Since then, she has been co-chair of the General Practice Services Committee and the Practice Support Program Steering Committee, and is a member of the Shared Care Committee.

Dr Ross’ commitment to health care extends to her personal time and on both national and international stages. Dr Ross represents BC on the board of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), chairs the CMA Governance Committee, and also finds time to be the Secretary General to the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). And, in the past, Shelley has been President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada and the MWIA.

In addition to her advocacy work through these committees and boards, Dr Ross continues to serve patients throughout BC doing full-service family practice locums and obstetrics in maternity clinics and hospitals.

Congratulations, Dr Ross.