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Early data show Residential Care Initiative (RCI) projects are making a difference in the quality of care provided to seniors living in care facilities. All divisions of family practice are now... read more

As clinical care becomes more complex, providing patient-centred care relies increasingly on coordinated interdisciplinary teamwork. Aiming to maintain a stable culture focused on longitudinal,... read more

Through its ongoing work to attach patients to family doctors, the Vancouver Division of Family Practice noticed a growing demand for GPs who provide culturally sensitive care for transgender... read more

Keremeos family physicians recently tackled some workflow inefficiencies affecting practice operations and patient care, with amazing results.

They made efficient, practical changes... read more

“At our Garden Park clinic, we’re always looking for ways to optimize how we work and support our patients,” says Dr Presley Moodley, one of the Abbotsford practice’s four family doctors, who are... read more

A pilot project undertaken by the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice demonstrated the valuable role that registered dietitians can play in primary care teams. After identifying that... read more

Dr Danielle Weisgarber established her practice at the Rosedale Medical Clinic in Summerland in large part because it provides team-based care. 

"Being relatively new to family... read more

A retiring physician and increasing demand for opioid replacement therapy created a perfect storm at the opioid replacement clinic (ORC) in Sechelt. Patients were getting increasingly frustrated... read more

Through its work on the Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative, the South Okanagan Similkameen Division identified the need for support for youth in crisis/high-risk situations. For three... read more

When, despite best efforts, a successful social worker in practice program in the East Kootenay region proved to be unsustainable, relationships between the East Kootenay Division and some of its... read more

A human resources crisis in Fort St. John and the departure of several physicians were the impetus for change, bringing together the North Peace Division and the community to explore new ways to... read more

In Hope, Boston Bar, and surrounding First Nations communities, geographic barriers and health vulnerabilities can be challenges. However, by leveraging established relationships and resources... read more

Pregnant mothers and Aboriginal families living in northern Vancouver Island face long drives to access prenatal care. But the collaboration of physicians from the Campbell River Maternity Clinic... read more

Remote Pemberton-area communities are accessible only by helicopter or unpaved roads, which poses challenges to meeting patient health care needs. Having a team of health care providers working... read more

Having a solid foundation in place, including a passionate and cohesive CSC and a strong relationship with the health authority, was key to the Kootenay Boundary Division becoming a proof-of-... read more

The introduction of the BC patient medical home last year prompted many rural GPs to reflect on how they are currently working, including working in teams to deliver integrated services and whole-... read more

The Burnaby Division of Family Practice has created a video miniseries entitled, “Why Your Emotional Health Matters” that... read more

Dr Ashnoor Nagji, a member of Vancouver Division,  thought it was time to enhance her existing leadership and management skills—she was about to step up and take on broader responsibilities... read more

Divisions of family practice around the province are working to support physicians in realizing the Patient Medical Home model of family practice. As this work gets underway, many physicians are... read more

“In the past it was impossible to find time to make patient visits at nursing homes,” says Dr Margaret Myslek, a family physician in Oliver. “Afternoons ran too late. Mornings were too busy. As a... read more

In late 2015, Dr Jill Cunes, a family doctor in Golden, BC, was one of half a dozen GPs in her region who signed up for the Practice Support Program Child and Youth Mental Health module. As one of... read more

For Thompson Division of Family Practice doctors, improving residential care has three elements: streamlining... read more

The Nanaimo Division of Family Practice has developed an innovative way to support local doctors in providing Suboxone treatment to... read more

A unique solution created by the Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice connects patients in that region with alternative pain... read more

For Vancouver’s Dr Paul Wong, the Practice Support Program’s learning modules provide a key opportunity to keep his medical knowledge up-to-date.
“As family doctors,... read more

A new health centre in Sidney is taking a team-based approach to care to support more patients with a wide range of medical needs.

The Saanich Peninsula Primary Health Care Centre Society’s... read more

The North Shore Division of Family Practice and Vancouver Coastal Health have partnered to increase access to primary care for... read more

In late spring, a group of 36 physicians, residential care facility managers & providers, nurses and Interior Health administrators from nine residential care facilities across seven Kootenay... read more

The Mission Attachment Clinic fills a gap long identified as a priority by local doctors. It helps many of the region’s residents, particularly vulnerable patients, such as those with mental... read more

People in the Penticton area who have mental health or substance use challenges are getting their lives back on track thanks to a committed, caring team made up of doctors, mental health... read more

Dr Tracy Monk is a firm believer in whole-patient care, particularly for seniors struggling with multiple health concerns and mobility challenges.

“Many of my patients who are either... read more

For Al Vernon, knowing that wife Beth has 24-hour access to a doctor as a resident of Queen's Park Care Centre provides great peace of mind.

“It gives me such assurance,” says Mr Vernon. “I... read more

Dr Sarah Olson nurtured a passion for the birth and delivery process even before she became a mother herself. Her love of obstetrics is evident as she discusses her practice while rocking her own... read more

Dr Kevin Martin says he isn’t a natural leader, yet he found himself in a leadership position after joining the Oceanside Division’s board.

 “I was frustrated with the system in the... read more

Some people are born to lead, and some have leading thrust upon them. Dr   Jennifer Moore puts herself in the latter category.

In the past, she hadn’t... read more

Student health is linked to educational success, but  as many as 60 per cent of youth who are worried  about a health issue do not consult a health care  provider and avoid going to... read more

Dr Eamonn Rogers considers obstetrics to be a highlight of medical care. That’s why he wanted intense obstetrics training before he set up a private practice.

“I like that it’s usually a... read more

In Chilliwack, vulnerable patients without a family  doctor are getting comprehensive primary care at  the Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic (CPCC), resulting  in fewer visits to the... read more

Mothers-to-be and new moms in Hope now have better access to pre- and post-natal care closer to home.

Thanks to enhancements to the scope, services and capacity of the program made through... read more

One of the main challenges for patients residential care facilities across the province is getting timely onsite care. Elderly residents often end up being transferred to the emergency department... read more

Like many communities around BC, the South Okanagan region has faced significant challenges in meeting the medical needs of seniors in residential care.  A significant reason for this trend... read more

Providing the best possible care to elderly people in residential care facilities presents a variety of challenges. Enabling good communication and consistent care between health care providers is... read more

When a patient in residential care needs medical attention, facility staff need to connect with a physician as quickly as possible which often proved difficult.  Staff in Chilliwack... read more

How do you enhance residential care for seniors when your physician population is already stretched to capacity? It’s a question the Abbotsford medical community struggled with for several years... read more

Drs Nigel Myers and Sheila Bowling of Village Medical Clinic in Fort Langley have used EMRs in their practice for about 10 years. They quickly learned that the technology could help them provide... read more

As leaders in primary health care, family physicians work in a wide range of partnerships to offer and support timely and accessible patient care. And, family physicians are keenly aware of the... read more

After practising family medicine for more than 20 years, Dr Megan O’Keefe chose to expand the scope of her services to include primary maternity care. She enrolled in the R3 Enhanced skills... read more

Sean Ebert hosts some of the most popular gatherings in Vanderhoof. Lately, the busy family doctor is even being stopped on the street by people wanting to know when his next gathering will be.... read more

Fort Langley family doctor Andre van Wyk has always tried to follow a proactive care model in his practice, but he recently made some... read more

Dr Daphne Tam has a busy Vancouver family practice that includes many patients whose first language is Mandarin or Cantonese. Tam is able to communicate with these patients in their native... read more

For some physicians, learning new skills to treat patients can be a game changer. That’s the case for Kelowna family physician Dr Jim Ketch. Learning how to more effectively treat patients with... read more

Talking about death is difficult, especially for physicians who need to discuss planning for the end with patients. Dr Marnie Jacobsen of... read more

If you have a pressing medical issue and can’t get in to see your family doctor, you’ll most likely go to a walk-in clinic or your nearest emergency room. One doctor in Powell River is taking... read more

In the past when patients presented with depression or other mental health concerns, I would try to determine the seriousness of their symptoms and uncover factors related to their mental state. I... read more