March 18, 2020

The Board of Doctors of BC has approved the appointment of Dr Anthon Meyer as the next GPSC Co-Chair. Dr Shelley Ross has graciously agreed to support Dr Meyer in his transition over the next few months.

Dr Meyer is a dedicated family physician with extensive clinical experience in primary and emergency care. He serves as Medical Director of the Fort St. James Medical Clinic and also practices comprehensive family medicine and emergency care through his roles as a family physician with Stuart Lake General Hospital. Dr Meyer has held several leadership roles including President of the BC College of Family Physicians, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Northern Interior Division of Family Practice, Chairman of Health Data Coalition (HDC), Assistant Professor with the University of British Columbia, the University of Northern British Columbia, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. 

His core belief of equal opportunities for rural and Indigenous communities has been a major influence on his career in medicine, and his leadership and teaching work has been recognized provincially and nationally. 

The GPSC  welcomes Dr Meyer to his new role and thanks Shelley for  her contributions during her time as co-chair.