September 20, 2022

Applications will soon be open for Divisions of Family Practice to access GPSC funding that supports the engagement of family doctors in a collaborative process to understand, optimize, and integrate tier-1 maternity and newborn services into PCN planning.

GPSC will be emailing divisions directly with application details and funding guidelines. To access funding, divisions must submit a request form to GPSC by January 9, 2023. Funds must be used by March 31, 2023.

Divisions are eligible for base funding of $15,000 each, with the balance of funding allocated by birth numbers in participating communities. It is anticipated all divisions will take advantage of this opportunity to ensure community, team-based, perinatal care that spans the reproductive cycle (contraception, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and infant care) is an integral part of full-service family practice in their current or future PCNs.

GPSC has provided the following guidance for divisions and heath authority partners:

Eligible use of funding
  • There is need for local providers and partners to come together to improve maternity and newborn services in communities across BC. These funds will support doctors to engage in local planning related to current or future PCNs.
  • The funding is intended to support local planning to understand, optimize, and integrate existing resources for maternity and newborn care. The funding is not intended to support the planning of services that requires new funding. Future PCN communities may use the funding to support the integration of maternity and newborn services within the parameter of their PCN service planning.
  • Local planning of maternity and newborn service should focus on supporting team-based care.
Expected activities
  • Creation of a plan to integrate community-based tier-1 perinatal services into the community’s PCN planning.
  • A local environmental scan of community maternity and newborn services currently available, and assessment of potential gaps that may be addressed through optimization of a local community of practice, networking, and team-based care.
  • Organization of, and attendance at, partner engagement activities and events.
Expenses/activities covered by funding
  • Sessional payments for family physician (FP) participation in leadership/administrative roles that support PCN integration of tier-1 community maternity and newborn services into PCN planning, including development, group practice, and local community of practice /network optimization.
  • Sessional payments and travel expenses for FP, specialist, and eligible ACP participation in community of practice, networking, team-based community care, and working groups as per the Joint Collaborative Committee (JCC) policy.
  • Meeting expenses.
  • Administration costs to manage funds (up to 10% of funding).
Expenses/activities NOT covered by funding
  • Compensation for direct clinical services.
  • Planning for intrapartum services in isolation from the continuum of services along the maternal and newborn journey.
  • Costs attributable to a previous or future fiscal year including, but not limited to, prepayment of a lease or any other business expense.
  • Hiring providers.
  • Advertising, with the exception of provider recruitment ads.
  • Alcohol purchase.
  • Donations to any entity including charities, nonprofit organizations, or political parties.
  • Expenses supported by infrastructure funding, expenses that pre-date the funding period, rent/lease/capital improvements, and technology solutions provided throug the Division IT infrastructure.
  • Duplicating or supplementing funding from initiatives otherwise funded by Joint Clinical Committees.
  • Duplicating in-practice supports and services provided by Doctors of BC Business Pathways and Practice Support Program teams.
  • Other potential costs or purposes as the GPSC may determine from time to time.
Reporting requirements

To help inform future GPSC maternity initiatives, divisions will be required to submit a funding report by April 30, 2023 using a template provided by GPSC and including the following information:

  • The number of FPs (total numbers, sessional hours/payments, travel and professional development amounts) supported by the funding.
  • Total spent on expenses related to staffing, meetings, and administration.
  • The number and types of engagement activities (working groups, training, meetings) supported by the funding.
  • List of partners involved through the funding.
  • Copy of the PCN’s plan for integrating community-based tier-1 maternity and newborn services into their planning.

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