Funded by the GPSC, the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) provides centralized support to physicians, and other Doctors of BC partner programs, to address the needs of the physician community for:

    • Coordination and enhancement of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functionality and interoperability
    • Technology solutions and support for complex IT technical issues
    • Centralized data management and reporting needs

DTO’s primary functions are:

    • Advocacy for physician needs with respect to Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT)
    • Timely resolution of clinic issues that impede proper EMR /network operations
    • Strong positive relationships with stakeholders and partner agencies
    • Increased ability for physicians to achieve interoperability by being able to capture, transfer and share information within and across systems
    • Improved alignment, standardization and use of electronic forms, templates and requisitions across the province
    • Stronger alignment and collaboration between EMR Vendors, organizations and others involved in eHealth in BC
    • Increased use of metrics for monitoring and reporting for JCC Programs (e.g. PSP and Divisions)

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